5 Top tips for thinking positively about Food Allergies



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I remember when I was first coming to terms with Sam’s food allergies, how easy it was to feel incredibly overwhelmed about what I was going to be able to feed him and what I was going to have to change in my cooking and preparation, in order for him to eat safely. One thought that did come to my mind early on though, after I had gotten over the shock of it all, was to look at the food allergies in a different more positive way. It is easy to get caught up in disappointment about having to change birthday cakes and make baked goods from scratch (and don’t get me wrong, I did stress about all of that!) but I also found it to be a driver of being healthier and how that might impact the rest of the family’s health too.

Thinking positively about Food Allergies:

  1. What CAN they eat (Rather than what CAN’T they eat) – despite Egg and Dairy being in a lot of food (and some I never thought), I was in the end pleasantly surprised with the long list of things he could eat. And, when you eventually stumble on appropriate and nifty substitutes, things do tend to look a lot brighter! 
  2. Home made cooking is best – you know what is going into their food because you made it. There are no additives, no nasties, flavour enhancers or colourings.
  3. Limited processed food – surely this is good for most of us!
  4. It’s cheaper – having to pack and take food with you is cheaper than convenience food (and better for us!)
  5. Good habits are formed – healthy, home-made, wholesome food to set them up for the long term.



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4 Responses to 5 Top tips for thinking positively about Food Allergies

  1. funhappinessandlife says:

    Thank you for this, just wrote a similar post. I know it’s difficult living with food allergies, but there are also some really great things that came of it. I’m now the family baker and my niece & nephew request my cakes for their birthday!! Hope you enjoy allergy awareness week.

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    • Emma W says:

      Thank you – isn’t it wonderful when children (and adults of course) love your allergy friendly cooking! I had a similar experience with a egg and dairy free chocolate cake I made, Emma 🙂

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  2. This post and the comments were really helpful to read. Sometimes I get so bogged down in the negative thinking that it makes it difficult to deal with the allergies, but as both of you ladies point out, the baking with new ingredients can be so much fun, and watching others enjoy your food is a plus.


    • Emma W says:

      thanks again for your positive feedback! The quality of life impact and anxiety (negative thinking) is absolutely a very real thing for Allergy families. The more we talk about it and share strategies to cope, the better off we will all be.

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