Celebrate the wins

When my son had a real dairy ice-cream for the first time, there were tears.

Our initial food allergy diagnosis was egg and dairy and then a few months later, Peanut, Walnut and Pecan. The thoughts that crept into my head were “Oh my goodness, no birthday cakes, cheesecake (my favourite), carrot cake, dips, satay sauces and of course the list went on. We were told however, by our amazing and now retired Allergist, that it was quite likely (she gave us a percentage at the time)  he would grow out of the dairy and the egg allergy by the time he was at school. I was hopeful but realistic at the time as it felt like a world away before he would be kindergarten age, when he was only 7 months old.

Under the guidance of our Allergist we proceeded with a sensitisation process to the dairy and the egg, slowly introducing both into his diet over three years. Every time we would increase or change his diet I would “wait”, anxiously until he had taken a mouthful without a reaction.

So. When we were given the green light to proceed with ice-cream, and I had mustered up the courage to do so (which was months later by the way), I had a quiet teary moment. And I later rejoiced with my husband. I was incredibly relieved. I was very grateful.

If your child moves forward with their food allergy,whether it’s passing a food challenge in hospital or introducing something new at home that they hadn’t been able to tolerate before. Celebrate it and share your happiness. It’s important because it allows you to appreciate the difficulty that led you to that moment, and then, you can let go of it.

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