Does my child have a food allergy?

It can be difficult to ascertain whether your child does in fact have a food allergy, but more importantly, to what foods. Obviously a qualified Allergist is the health professional you need to seek in order to do the most appropriate testing to find out. But, how do you get to an Allergist? Two things really. Start taking notes and believe in yourself.

Some practical things to consider:

  • Start taking a diary. And by this I mean start logging food intake and reactions:
    • Date
    • Times of the day when food was eaten and what food. List everything.
    • Time of any after effects and what they were. Be specific. Rash, vomiting, hives etc.
    • Keep all food packaging (we did!)
  • Believe in yourself as a mother/ parent and be your child’s advocate. If you truly feel that your child is unwell as a result of food, then be persistent, be prepared (with a food diary) and don’t take no until you get a clear definitive answer.
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